FACETS is an

artist collective & event series based in Augsburg, Germany

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About Us

THE ORGANISATION: Starting out in late 2016 as the name of an event series, FACETS earned its reputation in 2017 by bringing well-established Techno artists like Cleric (FIGURE, Clergy) or Christian Wünsch (Tsunami Records, PoleGroup Recordings), as well as numerous newcomers to Augsburg. Around mid 2017, the crew started another series which focused on showcasing artists from the local scene and their own identities. In October of 2017, the now called FACETS collective celebrated its first birthday in a co-event with the voxnox label (Berlin) which was headlined by the Brothers Black (voxnox, Bade Records) and Opal (voxnox, Monnom Black, Counterweight). While taking a pause in 2018 from organizing events, the boys focused on expanding the FACETS podcast series, making progress with their first releases and their support for befriended crews like Teufelswerk / Under Current. In 2019, the crew plans to make a „comeback“ regarding their events series.

THE COLLECTIVE: The FACETS collective is currently consisting of 4 aspiring, young artists from Augsburg, Germany. Together, influencing and even more so, constantly pushing each another, the guys are looking to establish not just the „FACETS“ name, but also their own artist identities: While always looking for like-minded Technoids to expand their network, the boys are currently working on their first releases which are also expected to surface in 2019.





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FACETS Podcast

As the name „FACETS“ might already imply, the podcast series features quite a variety of (sub)genres and different styles by now. For inspiration on which artists would make a nice addition, the crew mostly relies on the individual taste of each member.

With 2 years in existence the series now incorporates a number of great episodes, ranging from atmospheric, deep and rather chill sets to uncompromising, hard-hitting and fast-paced chases.